Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese – Worth Driving 175 Miles For?

Oh, My Lovelies.

Four walls do not afford space enough to contain all the Bell End love.

Select Ingredients + Venetian Fox

Let it be known: Saturday morning, at Inez and Justus’s inimitable Table on Ten in the northwestern Catskills, Selwyn will be cooking up tomato soup on the kitchen pianoforte. His own patented recipe, stolen unflinchingly from elsewhere.

He will be accompanied on the baritone grilled cheese by Inez.  So if the wet stuff sucks, the dry stuff will surely shine like the sun.  9 am, until the pot is dry and only crumbs remain.

Selwyn has agreed to wash his hands on Thursday in preparation. And his pants the following February.

Whether it’s good or whether it’s dreadful, it’s definitively limited edition.  And – to reiterate – it comes abundantly garnished with love.

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