The Raising of Lazarus: Grant Cornett Regurgitates Marlow at Bell End

‘I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.’ (John, 11:25)

“I am shit-faced.” (Julian, 12:30)

The Raising of Lazarus - Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Remember the Marlows? Hey, Nancy Iacoi, remember the Marlows? George Pitts, Mike and Jeanette Abbink, Jen Miller, Tania Pirozzi, Amita Starosielski, Jessie Wender, Sara Gold, Ali Asplund, Hillary Jackson, Alex Tasch, Travis Kinsella, Cindy Pardy? Justin Walsh? Andre Gentl, remember? Emily Crawford, Jess Fiore, Elizabeth and Marc Lucas. Sara Glick, Phil Toledano? The list rolls on.

Well, they are back. Once a month, at Bell End, intimate dinner for 16, 18, 20, around one big table; a crackling fire in the grate, food by Marlow alumnus and soon-to-be-Big Bellender Grant Cornett, ably assisted and hosted by Selwyn Lovely. Beautiful poison from Selwyn and Andrea Gentl. By invitation only. Special, see?

Grant Cornett | Selwyn Lovely

First date, subject to confirmation and conflict: February 29th 2012.

The Queen is Dead. Long Live The Queen.


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One Response to The Raising of Lazarus: Grant Cornett Regurgitates Marlow at Bell End

  1. Cindy and how many Cindy's do you really know? says:

    So random that I stumbled upon your resurection and do feel the need to partake seeing you scantly clad in shabby cloth.

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