The Faces of Bell End – Guido Vitti (Chapter One)

It’s been a month since we air-kissed at the preview of Neil Powell’s Bandits¬†at Bell End, where we took advantage of a tidal ebb of the assembled Beautiful and Damned to inaugurate the 2012 Faces of Bell End Projekt. Guido Vitti, enthroned like Aslan in the master suite, a necklace of lovelies cascading down the stairs awaiting their 1 minute beneath his snuffling snout.


As previously mentioned, this is only phase 1 of the proceedings. As the year (and everybody’s patience) wears on, and in particular as Spring sidles into summer, he will reappear on the prow of the floating staircase like one of those Jacobean ghosts wearing a ruff and carrying their head under their arm.


If Selwyn press-ganged you up the stairs this time, then good. Doesn’t mean he won’t do it next time too, though. And if he didn’t, then he assuredly will. But really, shouldn’t you feel proud, flattered even? To be one of The Faces of Bell End? I mean; it’s going to be a website, a show, a book, maybe a calendar even. Y’know one of those things whereby there’s a book about a place and a scene and you see somebody reading it and say ‘oh, I used to go there and do that’, and they say ‘oh really, are you in the book’ and you say … well, what do you say?







(All photographs: Guido Vitti)

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