Piggy Stardust – Jamming Good with Weird and Gilly

Grant Cornett | who says you can't take your pig on the subway?

First reborn Marlow at Bell End, how apt that it should be delightful and multi-pronged Grant Cornett (ably assisted by Janine Iversen) who gets the ball rolling with spectacularly graphic and delicious suckling pig. Or more precisely:

Esposito’s soy glazed suckling pig stuffed with slow-braised oxtail and kimchi, accompanied by grits with gruyere and soy sauce, ginger asian pear salad, collard greens with kimchi, arugula salad with cilantro, fried black eyed peas, lime apple cider vinaigrette and roasted beets. Masa harina tortillas. And for dessert, chess pie with flaming banana (‘ooerr, missus’).

Swine | Andrew | Swine

And to wash it all down? Venetian Campari Spritzes with Coratina olives: and the deadly resurgence of The Bell End Marge.

What joy. Many thanks to all and to a very smoky fireplace that left everybody gently, sweetly hickory-smoked throughout the long hangover of Thursday …

Next up? Surely nudity? It has been far too long.

Do Not Go Gentle


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