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Associated – goes way back – to ’85, when it was Keyfood and Navy Seal training was required to make it from the corner of Greene and Vanderbilt; and when a Dannon strawberry-and-banana-fruit-at-the-bottom seemed as exotic as sucking on Aphrodite’s moist nipple. Coils of razor-wire on the roof hearken back to the days when rappelling in to get a can of Progresso escarole soup seemed a reasonable option. The old stalwarts remain; flourescent yellow Perdue chicken legs at 5 centimes a pound, ground chuck that looks like it came from a pile-up on I87,  studded with cat-litter. However, gentrification has heralded the arrival of such exotica as Mrs Meyers products, San Pellegrino and organic Preparation H.

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Olivino – full of good wine, apparently, and it’s really close. Why do we always walk the extra five or 6 blocks to Greene Grape, then? Maybe it’s the way the latter lead and explain what’s going on in their bottles, in non-patronizing written format. It’s terribly convincing. Also Olivino has no actual booze. And our survival depends on a steady supply of grape and grain. Still, a great option for a quick good wine 5 minute pop out.

Choice Greene – is to Choice Market what Provisions is to Greene Grape. High-end groceries, charcuterie, cheese, soda pressed from elderberries and crushed edelweiss petals with bubbles blown into it by unicorns. Everything is Brooklyn hand-hewn delicious, but (of course) at a price. A smaller selection than equally extortionate (but great) Provisions. Grab the ingredients for making speck and provola breakfast sandwiches on little Portuguese rolls, but be ready to be $30 bucks lighter for the privilege.

The Greene Grape – birthed the 1L bottle of Grüner Veltliner in about 2004 and never looked back. All the stalwarts, Ex Libris, Wyatt Cabernet, Abbot’s Table and the fixin’s of the infamous Bell End Marge, which’ll have you leaving the premises with all the faculties of Helen Keller.

Provisions – Greene Grape’s foodish sibling, where we get our loaves and fishes, not to mention Tuscan cracked pepper and reggiano communion wafers. If you get off the subway and don’t have a cured sausage for our delectation, pop in here and they’ll sort you out. Update! Adorable sunny weasel at the bacon counter. Not just at a glance, either. $24 of completely un-needed scratchy-mouth cheddar later,we have a confirmed adorable sunny weasel sighting.


Associated on Waverly


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