In hangover crawling distance order:

Primrose Café – at the end of the block … adorable, cosy, cool basement coffee shop, where you can hang out all day sucking down their wi-fi and feeling ever-so-slightly like you live there. Great coffee, of course, probably other good drinks too. The lemonade is 6-year old daughter certified delicious. Sandwiches seem good, they have the smoked poultry, arugula, fig compote orthoxy in place, within a quality baguette. Nice change to be downstairs and quiet, with a hint of the Victorian troglodyte.

Beny’s Delice – Another of the Clinton Hill French invasion; les grenouilles are hopping about all over the shop. Robust coffee; they disable the $1 extra au lait scam by offering steamed milk for free. Pâtisseries beaucoup et diverses (as they say in Le Genou de Claire) not all of which are chokingly sweet. Decent prosciutto, camembert, figgy compote type sandwiches. Palpable absence of a young Françoise Hardy or even a transplanted Charlotte Rampling. But there is a oddball, bespectacled Lois Lane thing going on, and being addressed as Sweetie is ever balm for weak knees.

Choice Market – used to be worth staggering the extra five blocks with Marge’s searing walnuts behind the eyes, for solid coffee and even the chance that that adorable, beanied punk-pixie girl will be behind the counter, rendering one’s tongue an unmanageable vole and one’s life worth living again. Find ourselves walking the walk somewhat less frequently since her departure. Who lied to coffee-shop owners, telling them that coffee shops are about coffee and food, as opposed to pretty girls? Comfort classic sandwiches, with a Brooklyn twist: BLT with rosemary mayonnaise, rotisserie salmon, beef brisket and chips.


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