BANDITS – Neil Powell Previews New Work at Bell End

We’re all a flutter down at The End, with the news that soon to be Big Bellender Neil Powell will be previewing his new body of work – Bandits – here on March 29th (I’m sure it’ll stay up for a while afterwards too). It’s our first foray into Art since Marc Hundley’s Joan Baez is Alive celebration in the autumn of 2011. What next? Polish Experimental Theatre? The Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team? Rhythmic Gymnastics? Strippers? Now … strippers …

Curious snack and cocktail pairing still to be announced. But yes, put on your Spongebob rollerblades and slide on over to Bell End on the evening of the 29th for the delightful Neil Powell, who will likely be wearing his patented harlequin sports jacket.

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