An Embarrassment of Riches: Rob Howard’s Yuletide Fleshlite Studio

As if dead deer, dead rabbits, goats, cows, pigs, turkeys and potatoes weren’t enough.  As if having the entire coterie of Disney characters bounding out of the forest and into a pot on the table wasn’t sufficient. What more? We’re going to divest Snow White of her undergarments and spit-roast her in the driveway? Stuff Pinocchio’s nose up his little wooden bottom (I think that’s called mortise and tenon), truss him and slow-braise him in the AGA overnight?

Maybe next year.

Until then: first Rejoice!  After that, gird your loins for the spectacle of


which will occupy the moral high ground at the top of the stairs at the Bell End Christmas bacchanal, Tuesday 18th December.  Come, have yourself rendered. Walk away with a smile, a polaroid (to pin on the Bell End board downstairs) and your likeness embalmed in bourbon and joy. And tremble in anticipation of the gallery of results which we will publish in 2013.

Selwyn rendered by Rob in Fes like lard

Selwyn rendered by Rob in Fes like lard


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