A Gift to Humankind, Born at Bell End



The Who gives a fuck button for Facebook. Don’t say we never give you anything. Think of the myriad applications. Try it now on the posts currently littering your Facebook home page. Works every time, right? The ones about rescued dogs, the kid’s mangled Mothers Day Card, the new pictures on the refreshed website, the me and Wyatt just had the best gelato ever going to have to jog for twice as long tomorrow morning,  the landed in Berlin and am so excited does anybody have recommendations for a good bratwurst, the best Mom ever, the BBQ in Prospect Park please bring Frisbees, the check out my new story in Dwell, the kid eating mac ‘n cheese, the lecture on Fracking at the Brooklyn Ethical Society, the pies, the flowers, every last one of the kitties and babies. Try it. Even the posts you like look so much better with a Who gives a fuck next to them. I’m personally Who gives a fuck-ing every post I do on Facebook from here on, as a badge of honour.

This is what happens when Pia Dehne and Selwyn Lovely drive from Brooklyn to the Catskills together in Helmut, the Bell End Volkswagen. The skills and execution, however, are all Pia’s.

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