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Estremità della Campana | Phase One | The Ruin

Ever bitten off more brick than you can chew? Ciao, Ca’ Selwyn. Smouldering Venetian sibling to big brother Bell End, her hand-dipped genealogy evidenced by her name: Estremità della Campana. She squats daintily two-thirds of the way down Calle Degolin, sneaking a girlish pee in the shadows. The … Continue reading

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Bucharest to Timisoara by Visual Tapestry

Seeking 60’s Romanian editions of world classics with which to decorate the putative shelves of Estremita della Campana, Selwyn decided, on a whim, to board the Bucharest to Budapest Express, following the graceful undulations of the Danube, the succubic peaks of the Transylvanian Alps. As … Continue reading

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