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Lux in Tenebris

And in the end What time for you and me? When the us-shaped hole has shifted, And the steady crumble of Formerly compacted loam Is on our bodies and our faces; What will who we are now be? Does indifferent … Continue reading

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An Embarrassment of Riches: Rob Howard’s Yuletide Fleshlite Studio

As if dead deer, dead rabbits, goats, cows, pigs, turkeys and potatoes weren’t enough.  As if having the entire coterie of Disney characters bounding out of the forest and into a pot on the table wasn’t sufficient. What more? We’re … Continue reading

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Catskill Gothic

The Waysider I’m going out for milk at Price Chopper; I’ll only pause to wipe the tears away (And smoke and watch the traffic pass, I may): I shan’t be gone long. – Don’t come too. I’m going out to … Continue reading

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Lear. Sleepy Afternoon. Bit Pissed.

After three Campari Spritz in the back bedroom watching Gandalf prance a hammy path through King Lear … Aged Gloucester, abused by his bastard son and cast out into the wilderness, has resolved to hurl himself from the cliffs at Dover.  … Continue reading

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The Christmas Party

Please be on the lookout for a forthcoming announcement regarding the Annual Bell End Christmas Party. In the meantime, an excerpt from Harold Planter’s rarely performed play of the same name.     Dick is standing beside the door.  Jenkins … Continue reading

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