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Henrik Renders Bell End Proper-Like

It has to be said. In all the self-induced tittering about life at Bell End, the same question comes up over and over. What the hell does it look like? What is it like to stay there? Or to shoot … Continue reading

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The Faders

We put dimmers on the switches in the bedrooms. I called them faders, because I’m English and probably a bit stupid too.¬†Me and Henrik did it. It was fucking great. Afterwards we nearly had sex. But it didn’t feel right, … Continue reading

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The Opposite of Love is not Indifference; it’s Hate. Actually.

Pleasantly uplifting note in the inbox a few weeks ago, a couple of days before the expedition to Morocco with Rob Howard (hence my failure to mention it). Almost buried beneath ‘I am fashion and livestyles photographer living on Rome … Continue reading

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